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  • Healthy & Organic

    TLO Soils build strong, healthy roots, that will bring your garden large, highly potent yields.
  • True Medical Cannabis

    TLO Spike Mixes help bring out the true genetic potential in your Organic Medical Cannabis Garden.
  • High Quality Medication

    TLO Soils & Fertilizers produce high quality medication ready to be turned to any form of consumable medication your tastes prefer.
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TLO Online StoreNow OPEN!

TLO Soils & Fertilizers is happy to say that our Online Store is Now Open for Business!

Now that our online store is open and ready, we are doing away with our Minimum Order Requirement. Do to our online store and no need to take orders over the phone, the Minimum Order Requirement is no longer needed. We are also bringing in some new products and bundles for smaller & much larger gardens...

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  • TLO Soils

    TLO Soils are designed to Grow High Quality Organic Medical Cannabis.
    TLO Soils are Fresh Living Soils that are bagged upon order to ensure you receive a High Quality Organic Soil Mix.
    TLO Soils will help you produce some of the Highest Quality Organic Medicinal Cannabis available while providing larger yields over other traditional Organic Gardening methods.
    We even have you covered if you are growing large Medical Cannabis trees in an outdoor setting with our Guerilla Grow Soil Mix.
  • TLO Spikes

    TLO Spike Mixes will bring your Organic Medical Cannabis Garden to new levels of Potency.
    Our Organic Fertilizer Mixes are made from a diverse range of nutrient sources that will feed your Organic Medical Cannabis Garden during your entire grow.
    TLO Spike Mixes will bring you even larger yields and higher potency when combined with TLO Soil Blends and/or TLO Compost Teas.
    TLO Spikes have you covered weather you are growing short flowering Indicas & Hybrids or you are growing tree like Sativas.
  • TLO Compost Teas

    TLO Compost Teas bring diverse microbial life to your Organic Garden along with providing multiple Health Benefits.
    TLO Organic Compost Teas provide a rich source of readily Available Macro Nutrients, Micro Nutrients, and Mineralswith a wide variety of bacteria and fungi..
    TLO Compost Teas do need to be Bubbled, but this is what makes our compost teas as magical as they are. Bubbling our compost teas helps increase the volume of bacteria and fungi along with helping break down the organic matter in the teas so it is readily available when being fed to your beloved plants.
    TLO Compost Teas will bring larger yields to any organic gardening method but will work best when combined with TLO Soils and/or TLO Fertilizer Spikes.
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