When will my Order be Shipped? – Your Order will be shipped 2 – 3 Business Days after you ordered, unless you have a large order with will take 5 – 7 Business Days to ship. You just have to understand it is only me 1 person making all the items we have for sale, packaging them, label them, packing the orders and shipping it out. I even have to load the UPS or Mail Truck my self much of the time as the most of the Mail Carriers that have yet come to my door have been either to lazy, to weak (Large Packages can be 80lbs the way I pack em) or to old to actually manage taking the packages.

What is Your Return Policy? – You have up to 14 days from the date the package was delivered to request a refund. To be eligible for a refund all items must still be sealed and in Original Packaging. We do not accept returns for opened items what so ever.

My Compost Teas have a white fungus all over them is this ok? – This is normal and you should not worry. This is the fungi in your compost tea already beginning to break down organic matter, while increasing its population. This is a sign of a healthy living compost tea.

How should I cook my Soil? – Your soils should be mixed with your soil builder. 10 Gallons of soil (1 Part Base Soil, 1 Part Perlite, 1 Part Coco Coir, 1 Part Worm Castings) to 1 package of one of our Soil Builders. This should put in a container (Garbage Can, Compost Bin/Tumbler) and flipped every 2 – 3 days for an absolute minimum of 30 days. You should allow yourself more time then 30 days something more like 60 days or better, especially in colder climates. Whats happening while your soils is cooking is the bacteria, fungi, and micro-life which can include insects are feasting on all the organic matter in your soil, excreting this as waste which is then more readily available to your plants for the up-taking. The more time you allow this to occur the larger the micro-life population will be, the healthier your soil will be, the healthier your plants will be and you will see increased yields because of this while minimizing problems from that can occur from uncooked organic nutrients and under cooked soil.

Does my soil need to be in the sun? – No your soil does not need to be in the sun. Your soil needs to be in a cool/warm environment but the sun does not play any role in your soil cooking faster. In fact the sun could hinder the cooking of soil by allowing it to dry out quicker which creates clumps of uncooked nutrients in your soil. As long as your soil is in a container with a lid, is being flipped every 2 – 3 days and is not in a freezing environment your soil will cook. But please understand the colder it is the slower your soil will cook and the longer it will take and in cold environments the 30 day minimum cooking time just is not sufficient enough for your specific environment. Try keeping your soil in an environment  where the temperature stays above 65 degrees and you’ll soil will be black gold in no time.

Should I use 2.1/2.2 Master Mix for my seedling/clones? – 2.1 & 2.2 Master Mix are strong soils. While seedling will grow perfectly fine in these soils with no dilution you will receive a much better result if you take your 2.1/2.2 Master Mix and cut in down by 33%. How you do this is take 1 Part 2.1/2.2 Master Mix, 1/2 Part Perlite. 1/2 Part Coco Coir, 1 Worm Castings, and you will have effectively made what The Rev calls Mellow Mix. This mix will allow seedling to grow much more vigorously building a much stronger root system quicker. The lighter soil for younger plants will award you with a much healthier garden from the beginning.

Freshly rooted Cannabis Clones should at all cost not be placed in pure 2.1/2.2 Master Mix Soil. Newly rooted clones have sensitive roots that are still trying to build a healthy foundation. This is where the Mellow Mix soil Recipe mentioned above comes into play. This soils will allow those delicate roots to grow through your the lighter/highly aerated medium much easier then the dense rich soil of a Master Mix Soil Blend. Your clones will thank you for it with vigorous growth and better overall health.

Why don’t you sell soil anymore? – We stopped selling our soil because the cost to ship the soil was much higher then the cost I was selling it for. Because of this I ended up with an overabundance of soil, and I mean a lot of extra soil that people wanted but didn’t want to pay the high shipping costs the raised the cost of 10 gallons of soil to approximately $45 USD.

While we tried circumventing this by bring in retail Stores to sell our Products that refused to live up to there promises, to us and how our products would be sold. They would order large amounts and let it sit in there warehouse for months before bringing it out. Then once they finally would bring it out they would tell our customers that they just receive the soil that week. Even though our customers were seeing success with these older products this isn’t how we believe our soil should be sold nore should our customers lied to. Since this is not how we operate we cut all ties with these Retail Shops. If there is a Retail Shop out there telling you they are selling our products, you can tell them that you know it’s at least a 2 Year Old Product that you will not buy.

Once again we tried going through another route to get our soil to our customer by reaching out to larger distributors. They refused to work with us because we stay true to who we are as a company, and stay true to our customers by making sure it’s known this soils is designed to grow Medical Cannabis. They wanted us to market this as a garden soil like Fox Farm or Miracle Grow and we just couldn’t sell our selves out and do this regardless of it ment we just would have to remove our soil line until vendors are more reasonable and don’t see cannabis as an Evil. The main Vendor that refused to work with us and stopped other vendors from doing so to is no other then Sunlight Supplies. Sunlight Supplies even refused to sell us products and forced us to ship and import products from around the world, even though they have it sitting in a warehouse no more then 5 miles from me.

If times change and there becomes a demand for our soil one day we would gladly bring it back to market for those who don’t have the room or physical capacity to do it themselves, but until either shipping costs become cheaper (Which they are usually being increased 2 – 3 times a year) or one of you out there is a distributor and would like to distribute TLO Soil Products we do not see our Soils Lineup coming back to market. It’s a shame to as I will be bold enough to say you could not find a better soil to grow Organic Medical Cannabis in then my soil. You can google TLO Soil Grow Logs and see for your self the results people were getting with my Bagged Soil. There isn’t any other bagged soil that can compete. Nor would they try as there wasn’t a lot of profit for me in the soil. Maybe on a super large scale it would be more profitable but it costs double to triple to make of what some bags of soil cost retail.

Can I recycle my soil? –  Yes you can and we encourage your to. It will bring the cost of your Grow down drastically. Only 1 of our TLO Soil Recycle Packs is needed to recycle between 30 – 40 gallons of 2.1/2.2 Master Soil Mix and bring it back to it’s full potential.

Can I use my 2.1/2.2 Master Soil Mix for No Till? – Absolutely you can. In fact this is bar far the cheapest and most affordable way for you to grow. Did I mention this is also one of the healthiest ways to grow the Medical Cannabis that you will eventually consume. Using 2.1/2.2 Master Soil Mix Blend as your Starting No Till Soil will have your plants looking more amazing, and creating larger yields with each concurrent grow with your No Till Containers. Setting up your No Till Container for the next flowering cycle costs dollars. That’s right dollars, NOT Tens of Dollars, NOT Hundreds or even Thousands of Dollars. Imagine growing Ounces of some of the Highest Quality Medical Cannabis for Dollars.(Not Including Electricity Costs)

Should I use Bokashi with my Living Soil? – Yes you should. Bokashi is a wonderful additive to any Organic Garden. Bokashi is full of Beneficial Microbes that will help break down organic matter in the soil even under some of the worse conditions effectively helping you keep your soil from ever reaching a point of failure. Bokashi will not fix your soil but it will help make your soil a much happier, healthier living soil.

What is Humate and should I use it? – Humate is almost like a super amendment for your soil. Humate is a soil like product that is made up of fully decomposed Organic Matter. This organic matter does not have any nutritional value, but this organic matter holds something much better then Nitrogen, Phosphorous or Potassium. Humate is full of bacteria that isn’t really found anywhere else as humate takes quite sometime to truly make and because of such most humate on the market is made from soil that has been made from mainly ancient forests, dinosaurs and other living things from thousands or even millions of years ago. Humate also contains some other very special acids for your soils. Humic and Fulvic acids are readily found in humate, and provide many benefits to yours soil as well as your plants themselves. Humica and Fulvic acids act as all natural chealtors. These acids help dissolve molecules normally to big for plant up take in to smaller forms more readily available for consumption. Oh but wait this is still not the only benefit your are going to receive from these special additives, Humic and Fulvic acids actually make the bacteria and fungi more active in there feeding. It’s almost like these acids get our micro-life high and now the micro-life population has the munchies that just needs to be satisfied. Your garden will love your for this and provide much larger, potent, and tastier buds.

Using humate is fairly easy. If your following the True Living Organics book or any other Organic Gardening Method whenever you have a recipe calling for worm castings replace 50% of the worm castings for humate. This will not hurt any recipe you are provided nor will it hurt any compost tea you may make. This will only improve your soil and compost teas. Your soil and your compost teas will become more effective because of it. There is one rule of thumb in organics that I can not stress to you enough. The more diverse and abundant the micro-life population in your container is the larger your yields, more potent the plant, and the tastier the buds will be.

Do I need to use Cal/Mg when I water? – No you do not. In fact I only water with R/O water. I get away with this by adding an extra 10% of the calcium 2.1/2.2 Master Soil Mix Recipe calls for. So yes my soil is getting 10% more Crushed Oyster Shell, 10% more Lime, 10% more Gypsum and yes 10% more Bone Meal. If you don’t want to go out and buy these extra ingredients I understand. Just take the run off from your R/O filter and bring your R/O water up to 35 – 40 PPM. What!!!, you say. Well your the runoff from your R/O filter is full of Calcium and Minerals but is devoid of chlorine and chloramines and is the easiest way to avoid buying any Cal/Mg.  If your not using R/O water then stop what ever it is your doing and go buy your self an R/O Filter or start buying bottles of Distilled Water. Your carbon only filtered tap water is hurting your yields, and causing you all those problems you just cannot explain. I went through the denial myself of R/O water until I had nothing left to change except my filtering system. Once I did this growing has become much easier with many less problems.

Do I need to PH my water? –  ABSOLUTELY NOT! If your using R/O water like I already told you to then your water is already at a PH it needs to be which will be pretty close to 7 PH. Regardless of if it’s higher or lower the PH of your water in an Organic Garden does not determine if you the nutrients in your soil will be uptaken. The PH of your soil is what matters and no your Run Off will not tell you the PH of your Soil. Run off is just that run off of the water your just poured with most likely some nitrogen and maybe some other nutrients that were fully disolved and ready for plant uptake. This does not mean your soil is the same PH as the run off as should not be used as an indicator of Soil Health. If you want to make sure your soil is healthy get a Soil PH meter and test your soil when it’s most, not sopping wet after a watering but moist. You will want to see a reading somewhere between 6.5 – 7 ideally. Anything Higher or lower and Organic methods of helping raise or lower PH should be used. Bone Meal for fast acting calcium while adding some lime and crushed oyster shell to help in the longer run and raise the PH or Citric Acids, or vinegar can be used to help lower PH. I do not have ratios to give you on these methods as my soil stays in the correct PH zone. In fact take your old PH Meter and put it away.

What are my shipping options? – Well since you receive Free Shipping in the U.S. I don’t really provide you with shipping options. I mainly use Priority Mail for all our Packages. The only time I don’t use them is when you have made a large order and shipping UPS or Fedex costs less then shipping multiple Priority Mail Packages.

Do you ship to Canada? – Yes we ship to Canada. Unfortunately though all Canada bound Orders must pay for there shipping. We ask all Canadians to please contact me D at TrueLivingOrganic@gmail.com, so I can provide you with the cheapest shipping option for your order.

Is this The Revs Company? – No this is not The Rev’s company. The Rev is my friend and we are business partners but this site and none of the sales from this site actually go to The Rev.